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“Blessed are they that do his commandments, that they may have right to the tree of life, and may enter in through the gates into the city.” Revelation 22:14.






e-Literature available from the Church of God Sabbatarian

The following is a list of the current literature available electronically. You can simply click on the thumbnail to view them on your web browser, or you may right-click on the thumbnail and select save-as to download them straight to your computer. If you care to obtain copies in paperback, you may contact us with your request. There are also various other resources available on the internet in which you may make those requests. As with any literature/studies you are to acquire, please study and prove all things from the scriptures yourself.


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There are a lot of Bible courses you can take, past and present, but this Ambassador College BIBLE Course is easily the top one. It is an excellent and highly recommended resource. This is a twelve lesson course.



Why Were You Born?

Why Were You Born
This booklet details the wonderful plan for all humanity. Is this life all there is? To be born, try to live a good life, have children, work, retire and then die? Or does God have a wonderful destiny for you? What is that plan? And where do you fit in?

The Resurrection Was Not On Sunday

The Resurrection wa not on Sunday!
When was Jesus Christ raised from the dead? Was it "Easter Sunday" morning? Was the crucifixion on Friday. You must read this booklet to get the truth about this important subject!


The Lords Supper? The Passover? How Often Should We Partake Of It?

Throughout the ages since the New Testament Church, the truths of God have been under attack. This book reveals to us the truth of what is called The Lords Supper. What is it? Is it the Lords supper or the Passover? And how often should we partake of it.

The Plain Truth About Christmas

Is Christmas Christian? Should Christians celebrate Christmas? This booklet details the origin of Christmas and reveals shocking truths you won't believe!

Do People Burn Forever In Hell Fire?

What is the reward for "bad" people? Are they going to burn forever in a Hell Fire? Will they suffer for all eternity? How about babies? How about the ignorant? Why all the confusion? You will want to read this!!

Easter...Is it Christian?

Easter bunny - baskets full of colored eggs - Sunrise services.... What do all these things have to do with Christ?

Where are Enoch and Elijah?

Enoch & Elijah
Where were Enoch and Elijah taken? Up to heaven? Doesn't it say that "No man has ascended up to heaven?" Is there a contradiction? Find the answer in this booklet!

What Kind of Faith is Required For Salvation?

Faith & Salvation
Faith... what is it? How do you get it? What kind of faith do you have to have for salvation?

Did Christ Reorganize the Church?

Christ & the Church
Did Christ Reorganize the Church? Sometimes men organize Christ right out of the Church. This is a reprint of an article taken from the 1939 Good News Magazine. This is not available to send out in booklet form.

Why Don't You Keep Holy The Sabbath Day?

The Sabbath Day
The following is a reprint of a tract originally authored, printed and distributed in 1869 by the Catholic Church which asks the Protestant: WHY DON'T YOU KEEP HOLY THE SABBATH-DAY!

The Key to the Book of Revelations

The book of Revelation has mystified people throughout the ages. In this article, you will find the keys you need to understand this exciting Book.       


The Kingdom of God...What does it mean to you?

This book explains in detail just what is The Kingdom of God. It is an eye opener. Most people don't know... but you will after reading this booklet

Just What Do You Mean.... Born Again?

Just What do you Mean Born Again
Many in Christianity today claim to be born again... Are they? Have they literally been born again? What do they mean? This booklet explains what they  mean, and reveals the wonderful truths right from your Bible!

Just What Do You Mean..... Salvation?

Just what do you mean Salvation?
Salvation... what is it? When are we "Saved?" What are the wonderful truths from your Bible concerning salvation.

Why Do You Observe Sunday?

Why do you observe Sunday?
Which day should you keep holy? Is Sunday the right day? Saturday? How about Wednesday? When was the day changed from Sabbath to Sunday? This booklets details the history of Sunday worship.

Lazarus and the Rich Man

Was Lazarus literally talking to the rich man when Lazarus was in Heaven and the rich man was in hell? The mystery of the parable of Lazarus and the rich man is revealed in this booklet.

Predestination... Does The Bible Teach It?

Is your course in life set when you were born? Do you die "when your time is up?" Do you have choice in your life? We are predestinated, but how? Read about it here.

Halloween...Where Did It Come From?

Ghosts, witches, carved pumpkins... where did it come from? Is it just innocent kids play, or should we avoid it? Find out in this booklet.

Daily Bible Reading Schedule

Daily Bible
Read the whole Bible in one year. This booklet contains a schedule for you so you can read the entire Bible in 365 days. Each day contains a few chapters to read. This is a great tool for you to use.

The United States and British Commonwealth in Prophecy

United States & Britain
This is the 1945 version of this book /booklet. This book is recommended reading after completing Lesson Two of the Bible Correspondence Course.


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