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“Blessed are they that do his commandments, that they may have right to the tree of life, and may enter in through the gates into the city.” Revelation 22:14.









"Recognize The Beast"

Recognize The Beast
February 20, 2016  by Lyonel Bradley:
Lyonel examines scriptures revealing the traits, characteristics and acts of the Beast - Man Of Sin.

"Who Is The BEAST? Pt. 1"

Who Is The BEAST? Part 1
October 17, 2015  - by Lyonel Bradley:
This is part one of a study into the basic and foundational scriptures answering the question "Who is the BEAST?" Part one examines the account in Daniel chapter two.

"Who Is The BEAST? Pt. 3"

Who Is The BEAST? Part 3
November 14, 2015  - by Lyonel Bradley:
This is part three of a study into the basic and foundational scriptures answering the question "Who is the BEAST?" Part three examines the account in Revelation chapter thirteen.

"Who is the BEAST? Conclusion"

Who is the BEAST? Conclusion
December 19, 2015  - by Lyonel Bradley:
This is the conclusion of "Who is the BEAST". This sermon goes through Revelation chapter 18 and reveals God's final judgement upon the Babylonian system that has murdered the true saints of God and deceived the nations for millennia.

"Bible Study - Petra"

Bible Study - Petra
April 18, 2015  - by Lyonel Bradley:
This is an open Bible Study including the subject of Petra.

"Pride, Lies and Violence"

Pride, Lies and Violence
February 21, 2015  - by Lyonel Bradley:
A scripture in the book of Proverbs links pride, lying and violence as a formula of causation. This sermon looks back not only to the original source of these great evils but also to the very near future when the prophesied "Man Of Sin" is to appear. This man will be a focal point of great lies and deception which will lead inevitably to the whole world being engulfed in a cataclysm of violence and destruction.

"The 7 Year Cycle In Prophecy"

The 7 Year Cycle In Prophecy
July 19, 2014  - by Lyonel Bradley:
This sermon discusses the prophetic aspects of the seven year sabbatical and fifty year Jubile cycle.

"The Seven Seals Of REVELATION"

The Seven Seals Of REVELATION
June 22, 2013  - by Mike Phillips: "The Seven Seals Of REVELATION"
This message is concerned with the Chronological order of End-Time events, that is given in Revelation 6 and Matthew 24. Understanding the sequential nature of prophecy is critical to discerning False Prophets and seeing through the many false theories and speculations of men.

"When Was Christ Born?"

When Was Christ Born?
December 22, 2012  - by Lyonel Bradley: When Was Christ Born?
There are many clues in the Bible demonstrating when Jesus Christ was actually born - and it was NOT in the winter. As is typical with subjects such as this, what is traditionally taught and believed does not agree with what the Bible actually teaches. This Bible study conclusively shows not only the year of Christ's birth but also the month and day as well.

"Forsaken Children"

Forsaken Children
December 15, 2012  - by Lyonel Bradley: Whenever a tragedy or a disaster strikes, and innocent people are hurt or killed, many begin to reflect and ask WHY? Why would a kind and merciful God allow such evil to transpire? This sermon not only answers those questions, from the Holy Bible, but gives a warning and witness that these events are going to increase and grow WORSE. Yes, there truly is a kind, merciful and all-powerful God and events like these are the reason He will soon intervene in this world.

Revelation Chapter 17

Revelation 17
December 24, 2011 - by Lyonel Bradley: Where are we, today, in the panoramic scheme of prophecy? One of the keys to getting that perspective is found in Revelation 17:10 and 11. In the Bible a mountain, many times, can be symbolic of a king or a government. The book of Revelation is specifically given to the people who live at a time when 5 of the kings or mountains of the beast are fallen, and when one is, and when one more king, or head, is yet to come. That is exactly the time we are living in today. Only those whose names are written in the Book of Life will truly understand these things.

Revelation Chapter 13

Revelation 13
December 17, 2011 - by Lyonel Bradley: The book of Revelation describes an incredible and mysterious Beast to appear upon the earth in the very near future. Who or what is this Beast? There are two keys to understanding the book of Revelation; the book of Daniel and Matthew chapter 24. You can listen as Lyonel, using scripture and history, expounds upon the mysterious Beast of Revelation.

Watch Jerusalem Part 2 - Q & A

Jerusalem Pt 2
June 11, 2011 - by Lyonel Bradley: This is an open Bible study mostly concerned with follow-up questions and comments from last week's message. Some of the questions were concerning the seven year sabbatical cycle. There were also questions from Daniel Chapter 9 and the final seventieth week in prophecy. Also discussed were the many prophecies which are on the verge of being fulfilled and how fulfilled prophecy is one of the strong proofs of the validity of God's word - the Bible.

China In Prophecy

China in Prophecy
April 6, 2011 - by Lyonel Bradley: China is one of the largest nations - families on earth. They are factoring more and more in the events and headlines of our current times. This is a Bible study examining the origins, history and charactaristics of the Chinese people. Also expounded upon is the role the Asian people will have in the tremendous prophecied events that signal the return of Jesus Christ.

"The Mark of the Beast." - Bible Study

Mark of The Beast
Jan. 19, 2011 - by Lyonel Bradley: The Bible reveals that Satan has made a counterfeit of God's true religion, and that the whole world is deceived. In Exodus 31; God gives a true sign or mark that identifies His people. Satan has, of course, made a counterfeit mark. Do you know what that mark is? Will you be deceived by "The Mark of the Beast."

The Foolish Shepherd

Foolish Shepherd
October 20, 2010 - by Lyonel Bradley: Is PRESIDENT BARACH OBAMA Mentioned In The BIBLE? Sobering parallels between the prophesied, end-time "Foolish Shepherd" of Zechariah 11 and President Barach Obama! Check out this recent Bible study given by Lyonel

(NOTE: Lyonel wanted it to be noted that there is a slight error in this message that might cause some confusion. He makes a reference to the left side of the brain having control over the left side of the body. This is not correct. The left side of the brain has influence over the RIGHT side of the body and vice versa. Although this does NOT INVALIDATE the overall focus of this message, he did want this noted to avoid any confusion.)

"Watch And Pray"

Watch And Pray
December 24, 2016  - by Mike Phillips: Following Christs' admonition to "watch and pray" Mike examines and questions the possible prophetic meanings and outcomes of the 2016 Presidential election.

"Who Is The BEAST? Pt. 2"

Who Is The BEAST? Pt. 2
October 24, 2015  - by Lyonel Bradley: This is part two of a study into the basic and foundational scriptures answering the question "Who is the BEAST?" Daniel chapter 7 is carefully gone through, not only comparing with Daniel chapter 2, but also examining the historical fulfillment leading up to the end times.

"Who Is The BEAST? Pt. 4"

Who Is The BEAST? Pt. 4
November 28, 2015  - by Lyonel Bradley: This is part four of a study into the basic and foundational scriptures answering the question "Who is the BEAST?" Revelation chapter 17 is covered in this sermon.

Seventy Weeks Prophecy Explained

Seventy Weeks Prophecy Explained
May 9, 2015  - by Lyonel Bradley: Lyonel patiently and thoroughly eplains the timing of, and the historical events linked to the Seventy Weeks Prophecy in Daniel chapter 9. Also emphasized is the final, end-time week of seven years.

Message From King Josiah And Haggai

Message From King Josiah And Haggai
February 14, 2015  - by Lyonel Bradley: What if circumstances suddenly gave to America a strong leader, a man of great faith and vision, who instituted great moral and religious reforms? Is that our hope? Lyonel examines the example of King Josiah, who was exactly that type of leader. The lesson in this Biblical account will suprise you.

Revelation Chapter 18

Revelation 18
December 31, 2011  - by Lyonel Bradley: There is, today, on this earth a great false church. God portrays this church in Revelation as a harlot that fornicates or has concourse with the kings and governments of this world. This church is called MYSTERY, BABYLON THE GREAT. This church will soon rise to great prominence one more time and be instrumental in the persecuting and murdering of God's true church. Revelation 18 describes the final judgments to come upon this woman as God finally brings this great false system to an end and total destruction.

 End-Times -  the Abomination of Desolation and the Tribulation

End Times
August 17, 2011 - by Lyonel Bradley: In Matthew 24:15 Christ warned of a future event; the abomination of desolation, spoken of by Daniel the prophet. This is a study and a look at the prophecies of this soon coming event of the very near future.

Jubile Year Cycle - Bible Study

Jubilee Year
June 15, 2011 - by Lyonel Bradley: Topics discussed are; the sabbatical year cycles with the jubile year, important issues concerning the sacred calendar, prophecies concerning the temple, priesthood and governors of Judah in the end-time.

 Watch Jerusalem!

Watch Jerusalem
June 4, 2011 - by Lyonel Bradley: Did you know that what is soon to happen prophetically on the world scene has already come to pass, in type, once before in history? In this extremely important message Lyonel examines certain prophecies in Zechariah, Haggai and Revelation. By looking at their former fulfillment in the past we can know how these events will happen again in the very near future. Also mentioned are specific charactaristics and personality types of the various men that will soon rise to prominence. Watch Jerusalem!

Japan in Prophecy - Bible Study

Japan Bible Study
March 16, 2011 - by Lyonel Bradley: Japan is a leading nation in the world. They are a very proud and very industrious people. The calamity they are now facing is very grave. Is God concerned with this gentile nation? Will they survive this current crisis? What role will they play, in the immediate future, in relation to the U.S. and the western world? Find out what God has revealed in his word about Japan.

 Psychopaths In The End Time

May 22, 2010 - by Mike Phillips: According to Humanistic philosophy mankind is growing and evolving into a greater and more noble being all the time. But what about the atrocities and evil that men do? The Bible states that "evil men are going to get worse and worse" - NOT better. Here is a message comparing some grave and sobering predictions from the field of psychology with scriptures from the Holy Bible.

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